Joy Reid is a nasty, ignorant racist, willful and irresponsible

Joy Reid Says BLM Protesters Would Be ‘Shackled, Arrested or Dead’ in Viral Speech on Race

Joy Reid speech has gone viral after the MSNBC anchor eviscerated law enforcement’s double standards in policing rioters at the Capitol yesterday versus the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.

“I guarantee you if that was a Black Lives Matter protest in D.C., there would already be people shackled, arrested or dead,” said Reid. “Shackled, arrested en masse or dead.”

The political commentator was speaking on Wednesday’s installment of The Reid Out where she made the point that “white Americans aren’t afraid of the cops.”

Don’t watch Joy Reid but this story seems typical of anything I’ve ever read or heard about her.

Based on what I have read and heard, however, one can only conclude that Joy Reid is a nasty racist, certainly not very bright or even informed. She is both adept and very willing to incite violence by other people as long as she is unharmed by it.

According to this report, Ms. Reid exhibits all of those traits and inclinations. She clearly intends to incite racial violence. From her quoted comments, she is of obviously sub-par intelligence, and she makes it clear that she is either abjectly uninformed or wildly mis-informed.

She could be reminded that with the Black Lives Matter rioting no participants were fatally injured by law enforcement and were never confronted with lethal force.

At the nation’s Capitol Wednesday, Capitol police and Secret Service personnel threatened protestors with guns and one female protestor was fatally shot.

Had that happened to a BLM rioter, Joy Reid would have gone nuts (or maybe nut-tier) and media and race baiters would have labeled it the worst atrocity since Kent State.

No one, as far as we know, has uttered a word or expressed a question about this tragic incident.    Other delightful memes referencing Ms Reid below  dlh

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13 Responses to Joy Reid is a nasty, ignorant racist, willful and irresponsible

  1. jeff says:

    I agree with this author…Joy Reid is a racist. Her comments are flooded with
    racist remarks…..we need to stop giving her ANY attention!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steven W Rodgers says:

    This goes beyond racism. She is imagining a scenario that she thinks would play out, and then condemning white people for what she believes would be the result.

  3. michael smalley says:

    nasty bitch

  4. Bud P. says:

    Why don’t we stop people like joy Reid. Fire her at once. Put her in the news every day repeating her racist remarks. It’s time to make it just as bad for a black person to be as racist as a white person. She needs to lose everything she has and should never be put on the air again. Shame on you joy Reid. It’s not hard to see that you are a racist.

  5. Ernest Turriziani says:

    Right now blacks have carte blanche to say what they want.
    The hatred they harbor for whites will continue until white will tolerate it no more.

  6. Jeremy says:

    She hates the white community. No one else. Just white people. In her opinion, we are to blame for all the crime, single-motherhood, poverty, and government dependence in her community. Black people bear no responsibility for that. Right. (Sarcasm)

  7. Openly racist it is very obvious this woman dislikes, not only what she perceives as a racist nation, but those most responsible- white people.

  8. Hunter Boden says:

    This troll sure is steeped in hate,to bad hate wasnt beauty,she might not be so hideous!

  9. Joy Ried changes her hair style every week tell her to stop it does not help. she is not attractive. just tell her to go away.

  10. Joy Ried is (worthless)

  11. jackboothater says:

    This woman is living evidence of why reconstruction was and still is a bad idea.

  12. Lisa says:

    Joy Reid spouts off more hate than just about anyone. MSNBC must love her racist rants because they have chosen to do nothing about them. I guess that makes them both hate baiting racists…..

  13. D. says:

    you *clearly* have no idea what you are talking about. instead of parroting other opinions, try seeing her broadcasts for yourself and tamp that s— down. based on facts, poindexter. K?

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