Chairman of What Scott County Political Party??!!?

I no longer live in Scott County so I am reluctant to comment on the strengths or shortcomings of various personalities of prominence in the community.

I will make an exception in this case.

I don’t know Mr. Millage, but the previous post indicates he is a lawyer.

Depending how one might feel about the legal profession, Mr. Millage appears to be either a typical specimen of a ‘trade’ which ranks near the bottom in terms of public esteem, or he is a disgrace to a profession of high calling.

Whichever, I don’t see his position as Chairman of Scott County’s Republican Party as anything more than an affirmation of the proposition that when people of average to above average judgement, commitment, and intelligence are not available to lead a volunteer organization, this is what you get.

It is true that some good people, respected conservatives, active in their party and sincere in their political beliefs, and some journalists, firm in their convictions, sincerely attempting to be objective in their analyses, are troubled by their interpretation of events in Washington and President Trump’s ‘role’ in it

They may honestly, if erroneously, believe President Trump’s concerns about the legality of the recent election and his words to those who share his concerns somehow ‘incited’ those criminal elements of the massive crowd which gathered to support Mr.Trump.

There are others, however, who have resented the politically inexperienced Donald Trump’s entry into politics, his successful bid for the highest office in the land, and even the many positive accomplishments he has achieved during his presidency. They have sought to remove Mr. Trump from office since the day of his inauguration, and they’ve employed every legal, and illegal, ploy and dirty tactic available to them.

Even some ‘nominally’ of his own Party have attempted to undermine him, and seemed to even resent Trump’s sincere efforts to restore America’s greatness and promote the interests and benefit of all Americans.

They are the people who have perceived the events of this week at the nation’s Capitol as an opportunity to one last time attempt to discredit President Trump and his many accomplishments on America’s behalf during a single term.

They are the people who are calling for President Trump’s removal from Office on the most baseless of charges.

One’s motives are virtually impossible to determine but it is possible to make some valid assumptions based on their actions. In President Trump’s case, with less than 2 weeks remaining in his presidency, impeachment is not only wildly inappropriate, completely baseless (that word the media likes to use, in gross malice and error, regarding evidence of fraud in the recent election) , and treacherous in the extreme.

And that brings me to Mr. Millage. Whatever his sincerity, his motives, his level of understanding of events, not yet even known…and the treachery of his actions warrant his immediate removal as a spokesperson for his Party. As to the latter, Mr. Millage has not been prominent in the media for any comments he has made in the past on behalf of his party’s values, or its officeholders or candidates.          dlh

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  1. Leone says:

    Chairman Millage also neglected to comment on the recent scandal by county auditor Roxanna Moritz.

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