Ben Shapiro is a Trump-people hater

Our headline meets Shapiro’s standards for truth this morning. Reading his column           The Lies Tearing America Apart at TownHall you will see that he is maybe half right, but about the lies coming from the left.  The column is by no means genius level in perception today.

Read his comments and then indulge ours set forth below.

Ben Shapiro leads with four lies or distortions that he attributes to Trump supporters that are really lies or distortions on his part. For one he suggests that what he refers to as “lies” were just believed by a group of fringe supporters (his first lie) but he must know that those beliefs at least as regards the legitimacy of the vote and constitutional processes to effect them through, Congress if not Pence, are rationally held by the majority of Trump voters and competent legal authority, actually Ben’s betters. His characterizations constitute lies or distortions, in his first paragraph.

The fourth matter which he refers to as “that Trump would remain in office if only some sort of armed rebellion were to prevent the election certification by Congress” is a confabulation by someone who looked at bits and pieces of video or became mesmerized by sensational distorted headlines by, well the lying press.

Where is the testimony of the participants that that is what they were after, Mr Truth and Justice, Mr Fair-Minded Ben Shapiro? The use of the description “some sort of armed rebellion” to describe the event is calumny. The only shot fired was by a cop and apparently indiscriminately. That police / protester altercations occurred is undeniable but by who and whether the worst was by anti Trump provocateurs needs to be investigated before defaming even “the fringe” Mr Objective. We do not know for sure yet what happened to the policeman who died after returning to his precinct, not incapacitated  at the time.

The protesters, mostly peaceful including those who entered the Capitol building  were there indeed to make a statement but few touched any artifact or person and they were not there with force of arms. Stop lying Ben.

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