Trump Republicans Jumping to Third Party Would be Disaster for America

  • Third Party move now could destroy midterm hopes for conservatives
  • Trolls will push it for that reason
  • Instead, assume control where deficiencies and apostasies exist
  • Trump does not support a Third Party move
  • The mechanics of it are such only the politically naive would think it in any way timely

We understand and share the  frustration and anger at the Republican political establishment in many states.  There are a litany of valid complaints. The Republican establishment at all levels, national, state and local have handed Democrats tools to defeat Republicans, joined Democrats in promoting voting practices inimical to the integrity of the vote and good government.  They have been  pathetic at defending Republican conservative interests before and after the 2020 election. Some have been underhanded and disdainful of Trump supporters.

The anger and disgust with the Party leadership including legislators and the party apparat in various states is such that many registered Republicans are heard and seen to be advocating a third party.  Words to the effect that “I will never give a dime to the Republican Party” . . . “they can’t be trusted” . . .  “I am cancelling my Republican registration”  . . . “what’s the use, nothing changes” . . . and even “I will never vote Republican again” all feed the notion.

Here are some points that speak against stomping out of the Republican party and instead trying a more thorough, consistent and assertive grassroots involvement, installing messengers and representatives to change attitudes or supplant the apparat,working hard to support candidates in primaries that better reflect desired values and demeanor. In the next two years, take over, don’t walk out, if anything make the problem people take a walk, test the sincerity of their “Republicanism”.

Key point about new Third Parties: They are not on the ballot now but they need to be to win.

Being on the ballot is critical to electoral success. Write-ins by and large do not win even with considerable name recognition. There are only rare occurrences when established major parties filed candidates and a write-in won. When it happens it is because of huge name recognition of the write-in and scandal or extreme low name ID of the party candidates, and low turnouts. The electoral machinery, the party machinery and automatic party voting from voters works against write-ins.

Under varying ballot access rules in states, write ins can propel establishing third party- appearance on the ballot after winning a minimum number of votes statewide, but that is a multi-election process.

Instead, claim the existing structure and make it work for your interests. The carcass is useful, give it a heart and a brain and some muscle.

There is no opportunity to get ballot placement for the most part in the next two years for up-start parties.

This article at TownHall by Mike LaChance provides SIX important things we heartily endorse for Trump Republicans to do NOW instead.  We say SIX,the first six, because his seventh offering is unfathomable and a could subvert the other six.  You will understand why when you read it.

7 Things the Republican Party Should Do Right Now

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