National Public Radio Lists “Wet Ass P*ssy” as the “Song of The Year”, 2020

Pity the daughter. Children in a bad tenement can have a more wholesome environment

We posted the explicit lyrics of WAP here at V’pac —  Ave Maria vs Biden’s admiring vile songstress Cardi B   on Sep.3, 2020. We won’t list them again; but you can review them at the link or the various online song lyrics websites. The full title tells you about all you need to know about what a “frank”, quality piece of “music” this is.  dlh


Your tax dollars at work (to wreck the American Culture)

National Public Radio (NPR), which is subsidized by American taxpayers, listed Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s raunchy hit song “WAP” (“Wet Ass Pussy”) as one of the “best” songs of 2020, including it in part of its “silver linings playlist” released this month.

“When we wanted to smile without looking at our phones, buoyant distractions abounded. If racism, xenophobia and sociopathic behavior made us want to scream, Black musicians found astonishingly inventive ways of saying, ‘Um, did you just start paying attention?’” the NPR article read… before listing some of the “best” songs of 2020, including “WAP” as number one. Christine and the Queen’s “People, I’ve been sad” and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage Remix” featuring Beyoncé were also included in the top three.

NPR cultural critic Taylor Crumpton deemed both rappers “women leading the genre into [a] new era of unification between women rappers” with “an already iconic song about women sexuality”. She praised the message, describing it as “if you need to come, step to me, you have to be able to fill my sexual needs, and these are what they are”.[3

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