• Why is the concept of requiring personal identification racist in voting but not in other venues?

If you cannot figure out how to obtain a valid photo ID, you are either illegal or too stupid to vote intelligently

The Texas Democrats and our pitiful President, the “Scranton Scrapper,Joey Biden, have made their positions clear.

While we don’t agree with them, it must be conceded: If elements of the proposed Texas voting legislation is “Jim Crow” action, then let’s be consistent throughout American institutions. If such a thing as requiring that a person provide personal identification (and/or photo ID) to vote, then requiring personal identification to obtain any service or accommodation is also discriminatory and thus must be illegal in America.

Requiring personal identification to obtain medical care… doctor’s care of any kind must be discontinued.

Similarly such a requirement cannot be required to travel on airlines, get a hotel room, cash a check, be admitted to any political convention, to obtain a loan of any kind, for admission to many venues or events, to buy a car, rent a home, etc.

The concept of personal identification itself must be eliminated from the public forum!



Here are 24 things that you cannot get or do without photo identification:


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