These are interesting times

We apologize for not doing a better more consistent job at plugging away, posting more the last few days, but here is our excuse and we think you can appreciate it:

The revelations of fraud, manipulation, ulterior motives,  malpractice, incompetence, misanthropic callousness, hypocrisy, constitutional outrage and we do not hesitate to say, even mass murder, surrounding the Wuhan virus whether at the hands of China, or bureaucrats in the US, certain political leaders and their counterparts worldwide, in addition to the medical, pharmaceutical, dominant media, religious, legal, Big- Tech, corporate weenies, and one-world government true believers and fellow travelers who used this virus as an excuse for all manner of outrages producing  the most devastating    of economic, medical, socio-political, “expert” human carnage their designs or incompetence could muster — have been daily and extensive.

How do you get distracted from all that.  As a political blog writer, you don’t, you get overwhelmed, not to mention working for a living and other exigencies of life.

Now throw in revelations about the deep-state, the extent of fraud and illegalities in the election of 2020, the machinations of Democrats, cultural rot, local and state players and issues, the distortions surrounding Jan. 6, the failures of the judiciary especially the Supreme Court, porous borders,  the Republican Party and politicians, and so much more worthy of comment, ridicule what have you.

Nevertheless thanks to the those who forward items of interest. You make this a more timely effort. If items are not used, they should have been, but it is just because “see above”.  Thanks for checking back for new posts.  We strive for at least one new post each day. And by the way, we are nearing our tenth year of political commentary as the outreach of Iowa Veritas PAC. We will keep trying, you keep checking back.

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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    I understand your feelings. You do an amazing job.
    Sometimes when sitting at the keyboard, I think: “If I spend a couple hours creating content, will the Zuk or other powers at be even allow it to be disseminated? Or will it just go to some rabbit-hole where noone will even see it?”
    I’ve written over 100 LTEs (A drop in the bucket compared to you) and yet if I google my name, a relatively few pop up in the results.
    It’s disheartening.

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