Corruption at the FBI and DOJ wide and deep

If people thought we were being cranks, sensational, click baiters, whatever regarding our expressed disdain for the federal law enforcement elements of the swamp spearheaded under our DLH’s byline   . . .  well our betters in the conservative commentariat have taken up the cause:

The FBI Further Proves It’s an Irredeemable Dumpster Fire of Corruption.

Federal Prosecutors “Paused” Hunter Biden Investigation to Avoid Campaign Issue for The Big Guy.

It Sure Looks Like the FBI Basically Orchestrated the Gretchen Whitmer ‘Kidnapping’ Plot

There are also a number of reports indicating that the FBI may have been an agitator even coconspirator in a false flag sort of operation focused on January 6th, not to prevent anything but to perhaps create a story to denigrate Trump support.

And saying what must be said, Kurt Schlichter

Are There Any Good Apples at the FBI?

We also see Schlichter’s commentary as a challenge to be risen to,  hopefully such as exceptions exist (and they do) that they become more vocal, it is their associations that history rightly must judge, their children and grandchildren.

But alas these articles were five years ago, and what has really happened?? Barr for one, as it turns out another creature of The Swamp

Rebellion Brewing at the FBI: Agency in Turmoil over Comey Corruption!

FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe.


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  1. David ash says:

    now that the Biden family is in charge the corruption is running deeper than ever it makes me wonder if things have gone to far to save our country from the swamp. I pray that my grandkids can have the kind of life I enjoyed .

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