Our suggestions for other NFL team names if not nicknames

May we offer some suggestions for name changes for other NFL teams?

“…how did Cleveland land on “Guardians” as its new NFL team name?

The new mascot pays homage to the “Guardians” of traffic statues near Progressive Field in Cleveland, located on the Hope Memorial Bridge. Cleveland owner Paul Dolan noted Friday he hopes the name “Guardians” helps “unify our fans and city.”

How about instead of the “49ers”, which incidentally is named for a bunch of racist white gold hunters, the San Francisco team , like Cleveland, name  its team after the city’s most famous feature…the San Francisco ‘Homeless’!

And. the Atlanta “Falcons” (nasty predatory birds)? How about the “Atlanta “Bottoms”, named for their great mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

And,rather than the “Los Angeles Chargers”, how about the Los Angeles “Covid Masks”, to honor the state’s main feature favored by their governor?

Also, there’s the “Washington Football Team” who had to give up their “Redskins” mascot name, because they refused to heed our suggestion to put the image of a potato (a ‘redskin’ potato) on their helmets. Now they can’t come up with another name. Might we suggest the Washington “Hunters” (one of the city’s best known members of the current president’s family and the articulate dope-smoking buddy of the city’s best-known former mayor*).


More submissions welcome!


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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    The “Guardians” are the new name replacing “Indians” a Major League baseball team.

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