Audio of Sen. Grassley at Lincoln Club event in Davenport

The Lincoln Club is a fundraising entity for the Scott County Republican Party.  Senator Grassley was the featured speaker at the August 17th event held at the Outing Club in Davenport.   We have previously decried Grassley’s votes to facilitate and pass the 1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill (maybe half of which actually goes to bridges, roads and physical things.

Besides the pork and enablement of a significant amount of the Dem’s agenda, it is not paid for and, besides precursor studies on how to tax people more for road use, it is not without a tax effect — government action inflating the dollar from deficit spending resulting in reduced citizen buying power, a tax on their pocketbook. The overwhelming majority of the Republican caucus including Iowa Senator Joni Ernst did not go along with Grassley’s rational of “regular order” and ~~ “bring home the bacon”~~  in spite of the lobbying pressure to do so from the gravey-train ticket holders.

Republican opponents  knew it was bad for the country especially because they promised fiscal responsibility and the infrastructure bill set up the horrendous reconciliation bill of 3.5 trillion dollars, a socialist wish list — The Great Reset with the radical Green New Deal in its DNA.   Here is 30 minutes of audio of Grassley at the  luncheon.


In the first section of the above recording Grassley speaks of the reconciliation bill as actually not 3.5 trillion but 4.2 or so. He expounds that he does not expect that one Republican will vote for the reconciliation bill (to applause).  But as we have pointed out none will have to vote for it in order for it to pass, either in the Senate or the House, thanks in part to Senator Grassley.

The Democrats had telegraphed to their constituency (dominant liberal media) what they were up to — get past the infrastructure bill and it to the House which will pass it, and as Pelosi will break arms to do, the Great Reset Reconciliation bill which does not require Republican support could be passed. Grassley voted to facilitate their little enterprise anyway.

It will make no significant difference that some House members have announced they can’t quite see their way to voting for the big bill as gargantuan as it is because what will happen is it will be  bargained down to allow them to save face to say 3.3 trillion which is hardly a win for America’s way of life as all the key resets will be retained.  If Grassley has a dependable strategy around that it has not been revealed.

Grassley is not the only one with responsibility for setting up this devastating financial fiasco and remake of America, obviously all the Democrats are but he voted with the Republican swamp rats to give them the opportunity.  It was another opportunity to defend the republic in recent months that Grassley took a walk on, in this case when he should have been with the great majority of the Republican caucus.


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    Grassley and Biden could share a nurse

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