Calling on Iowa’s Republican House Delegation to Impeach Biden

They validated him as president, they have now seen the devastation to our country’s sovereignty, prestige, ethics and economy that Joseph Biden (predictably) has wrought, so Congressman Miller-Meeks and the rest of the Iowa congressional delegation should sign on to Congressman Marjorie Taylor-Greene impeachment resolution, not out of recompense, but out of their claimed fidelity to the Constitution and to protect America’s freedoms  and traditions.   Full resolution at link below:

Marjorie Taylor-Greene introduces three impeachment-resolutions.

Washington Examiner snapshot:

The three resolutions levied by the congresswoman from Georgia are “dereliction of duty” for Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan situation, another for the “border crisis,” and a third for “usurping congressional authority and ignoring judicial authority of the Supreme Court” for the Biden administration’s eviction moratorium during the coronavirus pandemic

Contact Congressman Miller-Meeks here.

My message  (slightly revised for clarity) is shown below:

To Representative Miller-Meeks —

Your colleague Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene has introduced articles of impeachment directed at Joseph Biden. I am writing to ask and believe that you have a special obligation to support them vigorously.

While carrying on famously about vote counts and election integrity as to your own election, you avoided the clear unconstitutionalities of various states improperly changing or disregarding election laws, direct testimony of extensive fraud, patterns and anomalies that demanded investigation to insure the validity of the electoral college vote totals so that people in other districts would not be disenfranchised. You seemed to do so based on the rather silly operating presumption that your hands were somehow tied because of your view that the authors of the Constitution bothered to install ministerial duties of rubber-stamping the electoral college even in the face of incredible results . . . that they did that instead of just having the electors convene and deliver their report fait accompli with no ability of the Congress to ascertain whether significant corruption was afoot prior to validating them.  This resulted in what is referred to as the Biden administration and was done without a fight on your part (which is all I and others asked).

I believe Representative Taylor-Greene’s impeachment specifications against Biden are accurate, profound and compelling. If you choose not to support them please explain why her specifications are insufficient, mere policy differences or mischaracterize Biden’s fidelity to the Constitution.

Without any validity to their charges, Democrats proceeded with impeachment of President Trump knowing that passage of the impeachment resolution was not insured, that President Pence would result, and that conviction in the Senate was unlikely. Knowing that, please spare a response of that nature as it is fidelity to the Constitution at issue not sketchy political implications.

Something like the first paragraph is sufficient for busy constituents. The same message can be sent to others in the Republican delegation – Hinson and Feenstra.  The last  paragraph was included in anticipation of the expected response of how ‘fruitless” impeachment would be. Actually it would help parlimentarily were it to succeed as (arguably) the process would take us past the 2020 election, and then if convicted, Harris becoming President (if she is not impeached as well) removes her from her Senate tie breaker status.  Her replacement as vice-president requires the approval of a hopefully reconfigured Congress.

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1 Response to Calling on Iowa’s Republican House Delegation to Impeach Biden

  1. dlh says:

    Be careful what you wish for.
    While I’m in complete agreement that Biden should be impeached; Kamala as well. Unfortunately if both came to pass, who would then become president? Answer: Nancy Pelosi. This is the very manifestation of the expression: ‘going from really, really bad to, incredibly worse!’ (I’d rather see the 2020 election overturned as a serious, proper investigation, I am convinced, would correctly demand.) To those self righteous folks who voted for Biden because Trump did not reflect sufficient virtue…you are not only gullible and naive, but ignorant of the reality in Washington . Get your head out of your CNN! Comments… anyone?

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