Salvation Army: ~ give us money you dirty white supremacists~

Those bell ringers are shaking their fingers at you white people

Along with coins this Christmas, Salvation Army wants white donors to offer a “sincere apology” for their racism

Army goes woke with new anti-racist message, asks white donors to apologize for their ‘unconscious bias’

It is one thing to teach ~~ repent ye sinners ~~  it is another to assume a class of people is guilty of a particular sin or to imply something is sin when it isn’t. I won’t suffer the Salvation Army’s insulting racist wokeness anymore this season especially when other worthy charities abound. I do intend to drop a note in a kettle or two with my objection.

The Salvation Army needs to hear from us. There are many worthy charities doing what the Salvation Army does.  They can use the support — thrift stores that have the mission of men women and children in need,  and we suspect with lower overhead (many bell ringers are paid). Drop a donation off to another charity instead.

Any readers who have a short and sweet note to send the SA please forward them to us and we will put them out there as samples without attribution that people might print and place in the kettle.  Local SA leadership need to know and it will filter up.

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One Response to Salvation Army: ~ give us money you dirty white supremacists~

  1. DLH says:

    And then there is the Catholic Charities (CC). Like the S.A. it has done good works in the past. But, also like the S.A. its idealism and “compassion” carries it into absurd and, actually we believe, immoral activities. CC joins with leftists individuals and organizations to effectively promote a leftist political agenda … the unlimited illegal immigration which threatens the livelihoods, and very lives of American citizens (while US citizens are losing their jobs for not getting ‘vax’d’, people from other countries, are pouring across our borders, unchecked for either serious health problems or criminal backgrounds.)
    CC joins with other “NGO’s” (many with less than ‘pure’ motives) to provide incredible incentives for people from all over the world to come to America and get all the free stuff provided, in many cases, by US taxpayers and well-meaning, but unwitting, donors to such organizations as Catholic Charities.

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