Who are the frailest among our “frontline” workers?


Nope! It’s teachers…..

“‘They’re overwhelmed’: Area school systems add mental health days for educators”

“School districts nationwide are canceling classes for what they are calling mental-health days, saying students and staff need the breaks to …”

“Richmond County Schools is giving everyone an additional five days off. Students and staff will now have the entire week off for Thanksgiving, Jan. 28, Feb. 14 and March 4.”

“Both Henrico and Hanover Schools are looking at all options for ways to reduce stress and promote mental health in the school system for students and staff.”

“A mental health day is never wrong.” 
“Our mental health is as important as our physical health. You have to take care of you first, or you will be no good to your students.” 

“Mental health days can be a game changer.” 

These wise words were written by teachers in our WeAreTeachers Helpline on Facebook. They were written in response to an educator who wrote in seeking advice. She really wanted to take a mental health day—she was afraid she might soon have a panic attack from all the stress—but it was a busy time of year. She was worried, hesitant, and stressed.

The teachers were loud and clear in their feedback, though. Yes, teachers should be able to take mental health days. And no, they shouldn’t feel guilty one bit.

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