Two Republicans taking on Miller-Meeks and Grassley in Republican Primary

For the record we will of course support the Republican nominee against a Democrat but primaries are of course a different matter. Those challenging Republican incumbents should be given a serious look as we also evaluate the record of the incumbent. Significant apostasies from social, economic, small government,  freedom enhancing, Constitution protecting polices deserve challenge in a primary.

Incumbency associated with big-government, weakness on border integrity, go-along -to get-long, “regular order” cronyism, having a pathetic voice in the face of assaults on election integrity, medical imperialism, handing Democrats tools to be used against American freedoms is not endearing to anyone other than Democrats.

Such apostasies associated with incumbency put Republicans at risk in this era of appropriate distrust of the current regime.  The stench of DC rubs off on the incumbent, greatly damaging their electoral strengths and may well make a primary opponent better deserving of support. Indeed key apostasies particularly when they seriously handicap or put at risk conservatism cry out for challenge.

Two challengers to incumbents in Iowa Republican primaries to look closely at because they have credibility and have raised important issues regarding the performance of Republican Congressman Miller Meeks and Senator Grassley are:

Kyle Kuehl running for the Republican nomination in Iowa’s 1st CD.

Jim Carlin running for the Republican nomination for US Senate

Website here.

Additional links and related commentary as the campaigns unfold.

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