Senate approves rudderless Supreme Court nominee Brown-Jackson

More on this later regarding the nominee and how it came to this, but Gary Bauer at Campaign for Working Families has a good synopsis.

Jackson Confirmed
The Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court this afternoon.  The vote, as expected, was 53-to-47.  Three Republican senators – Romney, Murkowski and Collins – joined all 50 Democrats to put on the Supreme Court. 
Don’t miss the significance of this vote . . . It’s not good.
To begin with, not a single Democrat – not “moderate” Manchin in West Virginia, not Tester in Montana, not “pro-life” Casey in Pennsylvania, not Ossoff or Warnock in Georgia or Kelly or Sinema in Arizona – voted against her.  
Every Democrat voted for a judge who can’t define “woman,” who rejects the Declaration of Independence, who routinely gave weak sentences to criminals charged with possessing child pornography and who was endorsed by radical activists who call our Constitution “trash.” 
But the three RINOs justified their votes by claiming Jackson was qualified, and had no scandals or ethical concerns.    
So, if anything should happen to one of the five clearly conservative justices on the Supreme Court now, these three senators would apparently vote with Democrats to put the left back in the majority of the only branch of government that is currently protecting our liberties.
That’s beyond disappointing.  It’s a betrayal, especially by Mitt Romney.
The Republican Party nominated Mitt Romney to be its presidential candidate in 2012.  He assured us he was “severely conservative” – whatever that means.  What a joke!  He was a disastrous candidate who gave us four more years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. 
Let me remind you that Romney voted against Jackson just nine months ago to be one of 179 appellate court judges.  But now he believes she deserves a promotion to be one of nine Supreme Court justices?  That’s inexplicable!
The bottom line is that Mitt Romney can’t be trusted on anything.  He was unreliable on the life issue.  He rolled over and allowed marriage to be redefined in Massachusetts. 
Some say he has such a good character.  I disagree.  A person of good character does not play games with issues this important!



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  1. dlh says:

    President Biden made an ass of himself in his remarks celebrating his SCOTUS nominee. The man can’t help himself, taking the occasion to criticize the treatment by GOP senators Brown-Jackson received in her confirmation hearing. Apparently he’s unaware of the treatment Republican nominees get from Democrats in every confirmation hearing. (Of course they don’t get tough questions, like, “What is a Woman?”)

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