It wasn’t just Twitter that was censoring

It is quite a trip down liberal memory hole to read this Twitter related commentary by Kylee Zempel at The federalist. 100 Facts Elon Musk-Owned Twitter Should Now Allow People To Say Without Getting Banned.

Everyone of the matters listed in this rendering of topics that Twitter scrutinized , “disclaimered” and banned had facts, indeed overwhelming facts behind them.  Any presentation applying them to a policy position or critique deserved to be allowed on any “platform” protected by, immunized by, American law.

That they were not allowed or in any way inhibited should have blown any pretense and any legal protections the company had protecting it from or giving it any advantage or defense against being sued for defamation, incitements (leading to rioting by BLM and ANTIFA)  and falsities, that it did allow — leftist “truths.”

We know that the liberal press membership took to that medium because they could get away with even more of their false reporting and lies by omission. Under Musk they might still do so but they will hopefully no longer have the protection of not being challenged in a supposed open forum.

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