Summary of Recommendations for Republican Primary

Focused on ballots in Scott County that are contested or need to be

US Senate – support John Carlin – perhaps the most practical elixir to what is wrong with Washington and the federal government is term limits. Drain the swamp. Grassley is a big-government conservative who has helped along economic devastation in his waining years.

First District Congress —  writing  in Kyle Kuehl — Miller-Meeks has already proved herself to be a high-maintenance insecure conservative

Secretary of State — I am writing in Diane Holst — someone actually focused on election integrity.  All of our write-ins are attempts at a draft.  Diane championed opposition to Zuckerberg money — the private  partisan focused takeover of election functions in key counties in Iowa.  Republican Paul Pate fostered that takeover.

State Auditor – Mary Ann Hanusa – a name ID call

State Senate Disrtrict 41 — Kerry Gruenhagen – solid conservative good fit for the district

State Senate Disrtrict 47 — Scott Webster conservative experienced energetic campaigner

House District 81 — Luanna Stoltenberg — solid conservative experienced energetic campaigner

County Supervisor — Bullet/single voting Jennifer McAndrew Lane. Three positions on the ballot but the others blew it as far as primary support

Senate District 49  with Ultra Liberal Democrat Cindy Winkler and House District 97 with  Ultra Liberal Democrat Crotch Croken are so far unopposed by Republicans. Write in credible candidates on the Republican ballot.

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