Biden not merely a bad man of bad policies he and his handlers are out to destroy the country

  • The Creep’s Speech — all you really need to do is substitute MAGA for Jew

His speech last night was as evil and as mendacious as Adolf Hitler ever gave, and Hitler was well practiced.    The (telepromtered) speech was ‘classic’ transference along the lines of Hitlers Nuremberg speech of 1936.

Only handlers and adjutants who are wannabe members of a Reich Cabinet of National Salvation could come up with the props and sign off on such a speech delivered by the often dementia addled creep some people call president but we more accurately call resident.   Links to commentaries below:

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You can’t make this up. The military presence was uncalled for. The bathed in red was his handlers choice — sending a message no doubt.



















OK I added the sepia tone



Here are some conservative commentaries on the speech. More comments to be added as we await Victor Davis Hanson should he wade in

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Kari Lake Reacts to Biden’s Speech: ‘Most Absurd and Frankly, Obscene Address’

Biden Demonizes Millions Of Americans While Calling For Unity

Despotic Joe Biden Rages: Declares War Against Republicans, GOP ‘Destroying American Democracy,’ Incites Violence Against Half The Country

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