Which candidates are proud enough of their party to be identified with it?

Part 1 — Political ads in earshot this past week — 97X FM

If the ads I have heard on the radio from Republican Scott Webster and Democrat Mary Kathleen Figaro (in case you didn’t know, she is a doctor) in their race for the open Iowa Senate 47 seat is a reflection of thematic campaigning — then the Republicans have improved considerably while Figaro is concentrating on her “choice” spot,  Figaro ads  sounds like she pines to be a social justice warrior wielding an abortionists currette.

Oh she also throws in the pander line to teachers promising to get them more money  (most are already overpaid of late given educational performance).  I am not sure teachers are a super sympathetic lot any more with the majority of voters although most of the underperformers no doubt vote Democrat.

It is also ironic combining the two subjects — abortion which seeks to eliminate children and a profession that depends on children.  But then mutilating children in abortion and later if that pre-pubescent wants gender reassignment surgery is largely Democrat doctrine.

Figaro’s abortion queen ad while attempting to condemn Webster for holding a position in support of innocent human life, another irony coming from someone with a degree in a field supposedly protective of human life*, does not speak of support for any limitation she might have to an abortion license to kill. We suspect if she has any scruples she is death to say so in her ads as it would violate Democrat doctrine.  So she is either a coward or a fan girl of abortion for any reason at any stage  funded by tax dollars, which is Democrat doctrine.

Webster’s main ad of late on the station referenced, I suspect produced by the RPI as they also paid for it, seemed to hit the necessary tone — tying Figaro to Biden’s liberal nostrums, concentrating on the top concern for most voters in any election frankly, the economy, and suggesting how dangerous anyone of Figaro’s ilk also is to national security  and social wellbeing.

While that is fine and effective, the RPI should produce a hard-hitting ad, useful in legislative races across the state, pointing out Democrat extremism on abortion and paint the Democrats Beelzebubs — abortionists — as the bloodthirsty sociopaths they are.  Such an ad ought to be in the rotation  to some percentage of the mix they are already financing. I have no doubt it would relieve some jittery Republican candidates now and help sustain Republican efforts to protect innocent life.

The disclaimer at the end of the Webster ad is useful in its way.  While obligatory it might have been made obscure which would be a mistake. This is the year to be a proud Republican if for no other reason than to be not a Democrat.  The ad clearly states it is a Republican ad. It does not fast talk who paid for it.  Contrast that to the ads we have heard from Figaro where there is no mention that she is a Democrat, well other than what one might presume given her emphasis on support for abortion.  That Democrats are apparently so reluctant to identify as Democrats is understandable. More on this reluctance of so many Republicans to identify party affiliation, in a later post.

*Just curious.  Various oaths taken by those awarded a medical degree have been around for some time but the traditional one has been the Hippocratic oath. It included a proscription on abortion.  We wonder which one Figaro took.

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