2022 unbelievably eventful (not unlike 2020 and 2021)

  • Interesting times to say the least

There has been so much to write about for us political types that, as I have often complained, it is overwhelming. So much so that one event seems to eclipse another and any thoughts or references one might add seem dated or one becomes easily distracted by the latest event.  There is no small amount of not seeing the forest for the trees problem as well.  The overwhelming part is true every year for the insightful but they manage to produce great commentaries that dolts like me can thankfully riff off of. There is also the matter of just reading to keep up which is incredibly challenging.  I also get distracted responding directly to commentaries in the publication’s comment section.

Then there are the exigencies of life – making a living that at an advancing age seems to consume energy reserves at a pace that leaves not as much for other things other than the desire for the easy chair and frivolous distractions.

Well those are my excuses.  But in the coming year I hope to at least be more efficient or maybe restructure so as to present more food for thought if nothing other than links readers may find useful. But commentaries regarding matters I am in a position to analyze will continue.

That said I am still working on articles about the 2022 election and others I hope of interest. There will be a rant or two mixed in as well. Just give me time.

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