Regarding Bud Light and AB-InBev — our cup of schadenfreude runneth over

  • Schadenfreude an elixir for dealing with woke corporations that is good to the last drop — keep pouring please
  • Men — AB-InBev is responsible for insulting, denigrating  your girlfriend, your wife,  your sister,  your daughter, your mother . . . what are you going to do about it?
  • Women — AB-InBev is responsible for insulting, denigrating  you,  your sister, your mother, your daughter . . . what are you going to do about it?
  • Of course other companies are just as bad but responding effectively to AB-InBev is so damn easy.  It is not like you have to give up beer.
  • To send a message, good and long about corporate “wokeism” fostering the denigration of deep abiding culture norms do what “social change” guru Saul Alinsky would recommend: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”

AB-InBev is worried after the backlash from THEIR corporate culture having adopted a cringy transgender Dylan Mulvaney, a sick creepy male / pretend female who insults women, men and what ought to be celebrated about culture to serve as a brand ambassador for AB-InBev’s most lucrative beer brand in America. The corporation has claimed ~~ oh our overall sales are doing fine ~~  while also announcing to their American distributers an unprecedented advertising and marketing campaign in the billions in an attempt to shore up the damage — 26% loss in sales — for Bud Light.

They have not suffered nearly enough financially to make the necessary and lasting  point to them and others possessing the desire to exploit culture rot.

AB-InBev has floated various excuses trying to minimize their blunder. From ~~ oh it was just one can in a PROGRAM to reach out to various elements in society that might be induced to drink their beer  (establishing they have no compunction against the whole of transgender ideology) ~~ to putting on leave a couple of marketing execs who according to the hireups’ spin got carried away and should have vetted their idea (never mind that one had already revealed she had a mandate to get away from the brand being the toast of frat boys (actually she may be successful on that front) ~~ to now saying it was just one can produced by a “third-party ad agency” that they have now fired.

Each time the higherup execs throw someone under the bus when it is the corporate culture in their organization that is at fault and should be apologized for and from that make amends. That is if they want to possibly regain the market share they lost.

Bud Light Trips Over Former Statement With New Action, Gets Wrecked by Right and Left

Molson-Coors and Miller have also partaken in ESG-BS but not that we are aware as trying to exploit, expand, normalize transgenderism. Regardless of who among their competition might undeservedly benefit, this is an opportunity to do what Dems would do, in Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals speak,  make an example of AB — “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”. There are many other elements of his rules for social change that this controversy is made to order for, and that normal Americans can make happen.

The top execs at AB-InBev set the tone for this type of “innovation” and heedless marketing. AB-InBev recent ownership heritage is not American — they sold out. It is now Belgian and Brazilian ownership and the politically correct culture in those countries is pro-transgender. Belgium was one of the first in Europe (behind the Netherlands) to go all in for the trans culture and same for Brazil on that continent. We punish wrongdoers so other people won’t do that or think they can get away with such activity forever, unscathed, knowing we can’t get all or even others just as obviously guilty. Conservatives ought to do boycotts rather than reward assaults on the culture.  AB is NOT the AB of old. The Mulvaney thing was totally in keeping with the new corporate culture. They have only scapegoated a VP and an ad agency and probably lied and covered up much.

Cultural denigration is the driving force behind the socio-psychosis of transgenderism. Its marketers are breeding, grooming, promoting an otherwise temporary social dysphoria victimizing certain psychologically vulnerable young people into cultural chaos.  One way they undermine resistance is to promote the mocking of what it really means to be a women or a man.

Transgender adults are not victims. They still make choices in an extreme narcissistic way. How many real women act as over-the-top frivolous as these really creepy Mulvaney displays? And the Bud-Light goofball says he menstruates and A-B InBev accepts that as his truth or something. He will never be women as if wigs and silicone make one a woman. Hormones and surgery do not either. Promoting those who promote it is culturally decadent and that too is a choice.  The only salvation for the AB part of AB-InBev in this country might be another sell off to perhaps a consortium of distributors here or another group of investors here that understand the American market.

A devastating example has to be made. We say an unmistakable apology, a billion dollars to promote actually female only sports and another 3 billion to promote binary parenthood. They could try making better beer as well, but that is just me. That comment is not pure snark as for now they have shut the door on people without corporate animosity until now, just different beer tastes (beer being their supposed business).

A really bad take on all of this is from Trump’s son, but moron that later.

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