Ohio special election regarding amending their state constitution



Ohio has a special election ballot question for voters on August 8. The proposal will require any amendment be passed by 60% of the electorate instead of the the current 50%.  For constitutional questions that seems eminently reasonable.

The interest of conservatives in protecting constitutional freedoms against well financed assaults on culture by leftists is manifest. While this question for many readers seems another state’s problem, those trying to protect the low threshold are liberals well financed by out of state interests intending to use the low threshold for their liberal power plays using unions, NGO’s, campus agitators, knee jerk Democrats, legacy and social media avenues virtually owned by them.

So given liberals current demeanor —  distain for what should be supermajority protections for basic rights the appropriateness of helping constitutionalists in Ohio help prevent such assaults is important. A 50% constitution does not seem like much of  a constitution or protection for basic rights.*

The effort is likely to be fought within a low turnout electorate.  Churches can properly play a critical roll in influencing such ballot questions.  The communication set forth below is from an effective organization focused on turnout among Catholics. However because the interest is non-secular we hope you will consider helping them help get the 60% proposal passed by kicking in $20 or more (follow the active links). If you know of another organization doing allied work there by all means  give to them. We happen to be on this groups e-mail list.  Time is of the essence.

* Should the 60% proposal fail it will invite conservatives to respond in kind with amendment after amendment proposal as that is what liberals are asking for. It is really not a good way to run a state.

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