Exclusive Clubs — Scott County Nominating Committee Membership

As previously reported the district and state nominating committee appointed by Scott County Republican Chairwoman Judy Davidson was an exclusive club — exclusive as far as not admitting even one Ron Paul organizer to the nominating club in spite of  perhaps a 30% achievement in delegate strength to the county convention.

Brian Kennedy, was a member of that exclusive club, responsible for nominating delegates in a contentious political season (apparently they were not charged with the pursuit of unity).  Well it turns out Kennedy is part of more than one exclusive club in Iowa.  Now we see that he is also a maxed out giver to the Mitt Romney campaign (previously we reported that he lists himself as a political adviser to Governor Romney).  According to the Des Moines Register Kennedy is one of 21 Iowans giving to Romney, who “gave as much as they possibly could to a presidential campaign in the primary season . . .”  Indeed, perhaps he gave his all in more ways than one.

Look for additional analysis of the Scott County Republican County convention in these pages in coming days.  Part One of that coverage is available by scrolling below.

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