More On CEO of Bankrupt Lee Enterprises, also Chairman of Associated Press

OK, even our resident Crank did not come up with such a snarky title, but it is Sunday and he is no doubt temporarily subdued. The title also kind of reflects old information.  Nevertheless let’s hope that Mary Junck can do for AP what she has demonstrated at the helm of  Lee.  The emergence of Lee from bankruptcy surrounding its billion dollar debt (no wonder these people love Obamanomics), under her tutelage, no doubt left perhaps some of the right people holding the bag.  Too bad for all the many others. 

As demonstrated, directly and by implication in the accompanying post, the editors of the Quad-City Times, on up to the CEO’s of their parent company Lee Enterprises,  because they depend on the AP,  have little concept of rigorous independent unbiased dependable journalism. And now the “circular reporting ”  is locked in ever more, Lee – Junck – AP – Lee – Junck – AP – Lee – Junck – AP  . . .

From the Chief Crank:

Clarece Feldman’s columns are great teaching and learning opportunities for Veritas readers. This is another good one. Her attack on AP’s “fact check” is withering. Mary Junck needs to look into the level of her organization’s pursuit of the truth.  See QC Times.  DLH

The Incredible Pliability
of Fact and Statistics
American Thinker, by Clarice Feldman    Original Article
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This week’s report is about energy and the crazy things the President, Democrats, media, college students, and professors believe about energy and why their inability to acknowledge reality and understand economics and statistical evidence places us in such great danger. Do you believe that Presidents can affect the price of gasoline? Well, sometimes the media thinks that he can and sometimes they think that, even though he can keep the waters from rising and the climate from changing, he can’t.
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