Refuting the Gospel of Marx

Gary Bauer Chairman of the Campaign for Working Families provides a compelling introduction to the  Institute for Faith, Work & Economics.  We are pleased to add its Website as a new link in our esteemed Blogroll, located at right.

Dealing with liberal politicians and the media is frustrating enough. But it really infuriates me when they try to use the Gospel to justify their radical, left-wing ideas. Remember when Obama tried to claim that his faith in Jesus Christ led him to embrace same-sex “marriage”?

The Religious Left also claims that the scriptures require us to support higher taxes to fund massive social justice programs. But the biblical call to help the poor is a personal command, not a call for Big Government.

That’s where the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics comes in. IFWE is dedicated to countering the left’s false gospel of socialism. We will be working closely with IFWE in weeks and months ahead, and sharing their research so you can refute liberals preaching from the “Gospel of Marx.”   Gary Bauer

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