Roving Reporter – Davenport Romney Event Brings Republicans Together

Here a Veritas roving reporter “feels the love” and reflects the contagion.  

The notion that Mitt Romney cannot excite the Republican base in a swing state like Iowa is wishful thinking from the likes of MSNBC.  It’s a lame Democrat talking point that  is meant to distract from how horrible Obama has handled the economy.  From what I saw at the Romney June 18th rally at LeClaire Park I am not sure how Romney can lose the election.

It was very hot, and a work-day hour, but hundreds of people poured on to the grounds for the event. The band was great and the Romney campaign was as accommodating as possible by handing out bottles of water to people in the audience.  Romney’s Iowa Chairman Brian Kennedy got on the horn and thanked all the great people who helped with the event that were in the crowd.  Our future Congressman John Archer gave a great  speech shortened when the police sirens started flashing and the Romney bus caravan pulled up.

Romney walked out of the bus and the place erupted in cheers for several minutes.  I was hoping that he was still with my guy T-Paw or Paul Ryan on the bus but it turned out his special guest for Davenport was Ann Romney!  Ann gave a great speech to the already electrified crowd.  She will make a great first lady!

Finally Romney took the stage and hammered Obama for 20 minutes.  The issues included the economy, the destruction of the middle class, Obamacare, and regulations hurting small business, failed energy policies and a foreign policy consisting of apologizing for America.  He received loud cheers that interrupted him several times.  What Romney said about what the economy could be like without the Obama regime’s strangling of energy production, gas/drilling/etc., excited a lot of people in the crowd!  Huge cheers came when Romney talked about how Obama was taking us over the cliff but Republicans would stand in the way.  The old Democrap blame game  talking points regarding Bush got turned around on Obama.  It was very well played!

Romney spoke to hundreds of supposed “disenchanted Republicans” at this rally and brought the house down.  He did it by speaking direct to the audience without a teleprompter.  He also stayed an hour after and signed autographs and shook hands.  He turned the “meh” Santorum supporter I was with into a hardcore Romney supporter.  He turned the supposed non-excited Republican Iowa base into the excited Romney base.


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One Response to Roving Reporter – Davenport Romney Event Brings Republicans Together

  1. Romentum says:

    How many negative opinion letters is the QCT editorial board going to publish on this Romney visit?! There were at least two that I saw last week. Now today I open up the back page and sure enough I read “Dissappointed in Romeny’s Q-C Visit.”

    What is my beef with this? He got booted because he wanted to take a sign inside that said “don’t ship our jobs overseas.” Newsflash moron: Obama wouldn’t let you take that sign in either. Newflash QCT: You know damn well no signs like this are ever allowed inside these things.

    When Obama comes here again I wonder if I can take a sign that I made that says “expand drilling”, and when I get the boot if QCT will publish my crying letter?

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