Comparing The A-D and QC Times Re: Romney Campaign Stop


Comparing treatment of a conservative by these two publications involves different metrics then used comparing their treatment of a liberal.  We previously remarked in these pages regarding their treatment of Obama the week before.  There the competition was for alpha lap dog, but keep in mind they were trying to appeal to their big newspaper journalistic betters and the Obama campaign (but I repeat myself) who would review the results of their work but have much less interest in what goes on in the cow-town papers in fly-over country, after they leave town.

When Romney rolls in they can choose to exercise a modicum of balance away from the glare of the stern judgment of the Obama campaign, if they so choose.

In our not particularly in depth analysis of the treatment the two papers presented the public in their print editions, we must say that in the cursory glance competition for not appearing to give toooo much space to Romney compared to each paper’s devotion to Obama, the nod goes to the QC Times.

The A-D gave a front page splash to Romney but barely extending it to page 2.  This would normally rate high with the Obama campaign but this time there was no space devoted to any anti-Romney protestors. We suspect they thought there just wasn’t much to write about the Romney visit one way or another.

The QCT gave Romney a front page splash as well as Obama but the coverage in the other pages was reduced by 25% or so.  That would compare unfavorably to the A-D because it should have been much less for this competition. They did make it a point to cover a small group of  Romney protestors.  As compared to the A-D, they understood that to be essential.  And so on technical points we gave the nod to the QC Times.   🙂

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