Pundits Need To Get The Real Story Here

Most pundits, from the right and the left seem to have
missed the point of the Des Moines Register flap. Bill O’Reilly and others
thought the main issue was that the BO campaign had really messed up…making a
semi-major newspaper angry that BO couldn’t find time to sit down with their
editorial board for an on the record interview, while Romney could.

O’Reilly also opined that the Register was especially piqued because BO’s “off
the record” comments were so important to providing voters with context and
insight to guide their decision on Nov. 6.


O’Reilly admitted he didn’t know if the DMR was a “liberal” paper or not.
Had he known, his slant may have been considerably different.

Like most mainstream media, the Register is deep in the tank for BO.

The reason for Editor Green’s tearful lament that the Register could not print
all those valuable remarks by their guy was not because they would provide
voters with a more informed view on which to base their vote.

No, no, no. The editorial was intended to alert BO’s campaign that the Register
was here to serve the Great One’s interests. The Register was convinced,
correctly, that the President’ comments were nothing more than his usual blather
but the paper was itching to make them sound really, really meaningful and
profound. BO needn’t worry that the DMR will give them any negative spin.

Well, the campaign got the message, as we all have seen. They couldn’t wait to
get back to Editor Green to release him from his “off the record” restraint.

We’ve all seen the “interview” now.* And the Register hopes voters will behave
appropriately.                 DLH

Other editors note:   The links to the Register’s initial lament about the interview being off the record are dead, even from within the Registers own web site.  We thinks the DMR could not stand the ridicule, to the effect: ” boo hoo those mean right wingers were making fun of our girlish pining for The One.”

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