The Farce Continues — You Can’t Make This Up

Meet Reggie, one of a litter of Des Moines Register News Hounds assigned to Obama. Like his litter mates, Reggie is very familiar with master Obama’s leg.

Jumping Jehoshaphat  who would have thought, that the Obama campaign would relent and give the Des Moines Register permission to quote his magnificent presentation to them having demurred for some hours previously.

This is the actual text of the interview of President Obama, referenced in our  previous story, conducted by Rick Green & Laura Hollingsworth, of The Des Moines Register.  This is as posted by them.  The giddiness is palpable even in the transcript. We are not making this up.

Q: Good morning, Mr. President — Laura Hollingsworth, with the Des Moines Register.

THE PRESIDENT: Hi, how are you?

Q: Very well. We haven’t spoken in four years. We’re excited to be able to talk with you.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I’m so glad to talk to you. And I understand Rick is joining us as well.

Q: Rick Green is right next to me, our editor, yes.


Q: Good morning, Mr. President. How are you sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m doing great and looking forward to being back in Iowa.

Q: Good, see you later this week.

Q: You’ve been here a lot. (Laughter.) 

THE PRESIDENT: It’s home away from home. 

But I know that our time is limited and you guys have a lot of questions. I thought maybe it would be useful for me to just summarize how I see a second term very quickly, and then you guys can pepper me with questions. Does that sound okay?

Q: Thank you very much.

INSERT CURRENT OBAMA STANDARD CAMPAIGN SPEECH seriously, check out the link, this is what they were so exited about.

continue “dialogue” with the Des Moines Register

I got to tell you, I feel very strongly that I have a record that justifies a second term. But I guess, more importantly, what you also know is that I’m somebody who keeps my word, that I don’t read the polls, that I do what I think is right for the American people, even when it is profoundly unpopular politically. And I think that’s worth something. I think that’s the kind of leadership the people of Iowa want.

Q: Very good.

Q: Thank you so much, Mr. President, for your time.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, guys. I appreciate you taking the time. I want your endorsement.

Q: Thank you so much.

THE PRESIDENT: You’ll feel better when you give it. (Laughter.) All right? Bye-bye.

Q: Appreciate it.

Q: Best of luck, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Bye-bye.

Have you ever scene such cozy dialogue?!  It is nauseating.  Again this is the actual dialogue leaving out only the long winded prepared speech given to them by Obama,  the one they teased us with hours earlier.

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