Channelling the QC Times Editorial Board

As the QC Times puts together its endorsement of President Obama for a second
term, they will have many things to sanctimoniously lecture QCA’S readers about.
Typically, however, they will also, reluctantly but forthrightly note some of
their hero’s shortcomings…many, but not all, of course,must be attributed to
their Messiah’s predecessor.

The Times will recount how Mr. Obama, despite the determined and relentless
opposition of congressional Republicans and Tea Party extremists,  was able to
get the magnificent health care legislation enacted into law (this will also be
a major consideration in the Times’¬† endorsement of Congressman Loebsack for
another term).

The Ed board’s keen insight will also be displayed as they note that Mr. Obama
“disappointed” a bit when his Herculean efforts to save the economy from the
worst recession in world history fell somewhat short of his promises. But, then,
given the “headwinds” which no other president¬† in galactic history had ever
experienced, he must be cut some slack. After all, he was able to save the US
auto industry while his GOP opponent sought to force its destruction.

Mr. Obama, it must be acclaimed fought successfully for the rights of gays to
dominate his political agenda, he made possible free condoms for all,he put
religious fanatics, like the Catholic Church, in their place.

And we must not forget that he has won for America the love, affection, respect,
well wishes, and gratitude…for the first time in their adult lives,
incidentally…of the entire world. He has rightly “modified” a quaint,
anachronistic First Amendment to accommodate the sensibilities of a large
segment of the world, despite the niggling criticism of right wing crazies like
Sarah Palin (just think what a goofy Vice President America would have had),
Rush Limbaugh, the Founding Fathers, etc

And yes, there have been setbacks and disappointments but, the Times will note,
the world’ s challenges must be met by a strong leader and one who has at his
side a fashion setter with toned arms, fearless in the face of obesity
enthusiasts, who is now, for the first time, proud of her country. He must be
one who is able to marshal the talents and dedication of Steven Spielberg,
JayZee, Jon Stewart, Madonna, Sean Penn, George Clooney, and many others. And,
America, the QC Times asks, when has a US President ever been able to win the
support, endorsement , and encouragement…maybe even the financial backing…of
world leaders of the caliber of Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and
the Muslim Brotherhood.

Wake up Quad Citians! It’s dawn in America. Sincerely, your QC Times editorial

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One Response to Channelling the QC Times Editorial Board

  1. Romentum says:

    Obama probably already recorded another interview with Gary “The Suit” Metivier with the QCT editors falling all over themselves in the same room when he was in town the other day. Questions not asked-

    1. Why do you still lie about Libya?
    2. Why do you still lie about the failed Stimulus?
    3. Why do you still lie about Obamacare?
    4. Why do you still lie about US energy?
    5. Why do you still hold US energy back by limiting drilling?
    6. Why do you stilll lie about cutting Medicare?
    7. Why do you still lie about Romney wanting to bankrupt US auto?
    8. Why do you still lie about about trying to work with the other side?
    9. Why do you still lie about caring about the debt when you added $6 Trillion?
    10. Why do you still lie about Fast and Furious?
    11. Why the hell is Holder still your AG?
    12. Why do you still lie about all the crony capitalism Solydra boondoggles?

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