Ted and Les are gone, but thank God, we still have Gary


KWQC viewers are reminded nearly every night that lead anchorman, Gary Metevier, has “access, like never before”, to both President Obama and presidential contender, Mitt Romney.

Accordingly, Veritas wonders if Mr. Metivier can possibly get the real scoop for us on what happened with respect to the tragic events a few weeks ago in Benghazi. Given that there’s been little indication that anyone at KWQC TV is aware of the “incident”. Nevertheless, we thought Gary’s unusually close relationship with Barack Obama would enable him to get to the bottom of the events of last September 11. If anyone can get the President to explain the curious manner in which his administration has handled the entire episode and its aftermath, its Edward R. Metivier.

When you need to know the real story of the internal workings at the White House, Gary Metivier is our go-to-guy!                       DLH

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2 Responses to Ted and Les are gone, but thank God, we still have Gary

  1. Romentum says:

    Ha ha this gave me a good laugh. Gary “The Suit” Metivier looked at Obama during his last interview with him like he was a deer in headlights. Gary doesn’t come off as the quintessential biased Obama anchorman. I think the higher paygrade network Obamaguy suits told him to ask the stupid questions “How does Iowa feel like home to you Mr. President?” (25 minute Obama answer compressed into 2 minutes)

    Not every anchorman has the courage to push Obama on Benghazi like the anchorman in Denver repeatedly did last week-


  2. Thomas Nelson says:

    Love that headline!

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