Schumer Makes The Conservative Case for Opposition To Gang Of 8 Immigration Proposals

This from a Washington Times story about Sen.Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in an interview yesterday, days after the Corker-Hoeven 1100 page amendment to the Gang of 8 a.k.a.  Rubio – Schumer Immigration reform bill.  Someone should send this to Marco Rubio.

Democrats say they didn’t concede on immigration bill

For once Schumer seems to be telling the truth.

In an interview on the Spanish-language network’s Al Punto political talk show Sunday, the four Democrats among the “Gang of Eight” that crafted the bill said the people currently in the U.S. illegally will have a definite pathway to eventual citizenship because the “triggers” in the bill can all be readily met

“There are triggers but they’re the same triggers we’ve had in the bill before, the same exact type which are specific and attainable. These are triggers that we all feel comfortable with will be achieved and have to be achieved,” said Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat.

Seriously – the same exact triggers as before?  Well then Schumer makes the conservative case for opposition to the bill.  Understand that this interview was intended to assuage the Hispanic opposition to the bill as being too stern. The assurances being given  to them are that Corker-Hoeven adds nothing. With all the built in loopholes to enforcement of definitive appearing provisions (put there for public consumption) add the fact that tough laws have been ignored.  Where is the 700 mile fence* after that law passed in 2007? Without a more thoroughgoing housecleaning of the congress, and a President that respects the rule of law, immigration laws will be ignored with impunity.  That is not cynical.  That is objective history.   Congress as constituted cannot be trusted to insist on  enforcement of any such law they pass.

Nevertheless hope springs eternal — it is not too late to call Senators today to register your opinion on immigration reform. I just did and the message was simple – please oppose Rubio-Schumer – Corker.

Iowa Senators :     Harkin 202-224-3254       Grassley – 202-224-3744

Or go online or phone their local offices in your area right away.     R Mall with DLH

* Editor’s note from R Mall: For the record I think immigration problems are a result of reforms needed in  citizenship, employment, visa and welfare matters. Each of those can be dealt with separately, rather than as implicated in an overwhelming attempt to wrap them up in one bill such as the likes of Rubio – Schumer.  Enforce the laws on the books in the mean time. The fence is something that might not be necessary with enforcement of existing laws and reforms in the areas listed above.  Our other editors may well disagree on whether a fence is essential.

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