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Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 9.21.32 PMVia The Wall Street Journal, we came across the most succinct and most easily understood explanation of the issue of “inequality”  we have seen:

Economist Donald Boudreaux, writing in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Dec. 25:

“Suppose that Jones chooses a career as a poet. Jones treasures the time he spends walking in the woods and strolling city streets in leisurely reflection; his reflections lead him to write poetry critical of capitalist materialism. Working as a poet, Jones earns $20,000 annually.

“Smith chooses a career as an emergency room physician. She works an average of 60 hours weekly and seldom takes a vacation. Her annual salary is $400,000. Is this “distribution” of income “unfair”? Is Smith responsible for Jones’ relatively low salary? Does Smith owe Jones money? And what is the formula you use to determine Smith’s debt to Jones?

“While Dr. Smith earns more money than does poet Jones, poet Jones earns more leisure than does Dr. Smith. Do you believe leisure has value to those who possess it? If so, are you disturbed by the inequality of leisure that separates leisure-rich Jones from leisure-poor Smith? Do you advocate policies to “redistribute” leisure from Jones to Smith…say, by forcing Jones to wash Smith’s dinner dishes or to chauffeur Smith to and from work? If not, why not?”

Congratulations Mr. Boudreaux. In three short paragraphs you’ve given our Dear President and “social justice” liberals a truth they can only debate by changing the subject or by personal attacks on the “Smiths” of our world. Capitalism may not be perfect but it deals fairly and effectively with reality and recognizes the  potential of the human spirit as well as the limitations one is free to impose on one’s self. True freedom is the ability to make one’s choices and to accept their rewards and consequences. Barack Obama’s way is to make your choices for you and “allow” you to live with the consequences.

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4 Responses to About Inequality

  1. R Maddow Fan says:

    Yeah but just think about how many more miles Jones is putting on the tread than Smith. His/her “leisure time” is hardly leisurly with all the walking and struggling to come up with creative ideas. Smith has it made up in the nice warm/cool hospital. If more people would walk a mile in Jones shoes they would realize the injustice and inequality within our system.

  2. Gus says:

    I agree with Rachel’s mom (who else would be a fan of hers?). But I am saddened by the disclosure that Barack’s “stimulus program” did not include funds for sneaker-ready poets.

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