Immediate Attention – Stop the 50% Gas Tax Hike In Iowa

We pay 20 cents in state taxes already for every gallon of gasoline we buy, but politicians in Des Moines think we should pay 50% more  to save them from their inability to prioritize. We will have more on this in days ahead but responding to this alert is important to head this off now.

From Americans for Prosperity:

Politicians in Des Moines are at it again. Instead of trying to cut and prioritize spending, politicians are demanding an increase in the gasoline tax when our state has close to a $1 billion surplus.

But Iowans know this is exactly the wrong time and the wrong policy. Iowa families are struggling in this weak economy. Family budgets are stretched thin. Fathers and mothers must make tough budget decisions every day. Iowa families are taxed too much and send too much of their hard-earned dollars to Des Moines and Washington.

Please call or e-mail your state legislators, and pass the alert on to your lists as well. The Americans for Prosperity web site offers a convenient contact portal to do so.  Click here to let your legislator know you oppose the 50% gas tax increase.

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