This O’Reilly Shtick Was Always Lame

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is not a fool. He just plays one on television.

Bill is the No. 1 Cable guy and, as it is repeatedly touted, has been for 14 years.

What’s his secret?  Bill has mastered and carefully honed to near perfection his “really, really open-minded, fair and balanced, give every major politician the benefit of the doubt” schtick.

Fox News screengrab -- Pictured: Obama and O'ReillyThis past Thursday, once again for maybe the hundredth time, good ol’ Bill shared his wise and measured assessment of President Obama. As reported by Newsmax  and various other news sources:

(I believe)”… Obama truly wants the best for America; (he’s)… a true “patriot.”

“I like Barack Obama as I liked George W. Bush,” O’Reilly added. “I think they’re both patriots. Now, you may not agree with their policies, you may think they’re not managing well. That’s fine. Everybody has an opinion. But as human beings, I think they’re both trying to do what’s best for their country. So I admire that. I respect that.”

And, as he has assured us in the past, “He’s really a good guy, I believe President Obama is often ‘mis-represented’ to the public.”

And so, that’s the thoughtful, studied, official evaluation of this president by the guy who’s “lookin’ out for us”: Obama is  patriotic, human, wants the best for the country, a really good guy, worthy of Mr. O’Reilly’s “respect.”  So rest easy, America!

Surely this cannot reflect this man’s true evaluation of Obama…or maybe it does and the omniscient Mr. O’Reilly doesn’t realize what he is saying.

Jus’ my opinion, you understand, but the assertion that Obama “is a patriot” and “wants the best for his country” could be and usually is, claimed by virtually every brutal, oppressive dictator in history!

Didn’t Stalin love his country and want the best for it? Many Russians still revere the memory of Comrade Stalin. How about Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez? Wasn’t each of them the “peoples’ president”, champion of the poor and downtrodden? Wasn’t Hitler (yes, I know how “off-limits” Hitler references are, but read your history) “patriotically” defending the honor of the Fatherland which was so abused by the Treaty of Versailles? There are some who have a bizarre view that, with all his evil tendencies and indefensible actions, Der Führer was nevertheless a German “patriot.”

Some of these tyrants took power at the point of a gun, in the aftermath of violent uprisings. But others were “democratically” elected…Chavez for example and recall that Saddam Hussein was several times “reelected” by as much as 98% of the “vote.”

All of them, though, to one extent or the other had to move forcefully following their seizure of power, to take out or take over the opposition…the press, the legislature, the courts. Surely dictators everywhere marvel at the fact that Obama did not have to take over the media. He already had them in his pocket even before he took office.

There are a few million people in China even today who would insist that “The Great Helmsman,” Mao Tse Tung, was a “patriot,” who greatly loved his people and sought the best for his country.  But it was Mao himself, who said  “one must break a few eggs to make an omelet.”  And in the tragic preparation of the Helmsman’s “omelet,” a “redistributive” Communist society, the “eggs” were between 50 and 70 MILLION Chinese who died to make it…so disastrous were Mao’s wonderful patriotic and “social justice” ideas.

Perhaps this is why I found so chilling  the response of our own “patriotic” leader, Barack Obama, to the revelation that 2 to 5 million Americans lost their health insurance plan due to his Obamacare, as reported at Real Clear Politics:

“Most of the folks who … got these cancellation letters, they’ll have more choice, they’ll have more competition. They’re part of a bigger pool. The insurance companies are going to be hungry for their business. So the majority of folks will end up being better off.” 

“So the majority of folks will be better off.”  The rest?…well, ya know them eggs…

I’d also like to ask Mr. O’Reilly if a “patriot” who has pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and faithfully execute its laws to the best of his ability would deliberately abrogate the nation’s immigration laws (the “Dream Act”, “sanctuary cities”, etc); unilaterally change established laws (the welfare reform legislation); refuse to defend established laws (DOMA, NoChild left Behind,etc); ignore the Constitutionally established “Separation of Powers” (non-recess recess appointments, the magical “phone and a pen”,etc); violate established contractual law (the Chrysler bondholders’ “haircut”) defy Constitutional freedoms of speech and religion, etc?

And Bill, would a “good guy” and a  “patriot” lie to his “folks”, the American people, repeatedly and with total arrogance? And would he deliberately and aggressively seek to demonize some groups of Americans and divide the nation?

He might be a good guy. Not a proposition I ascribe to, but, nevertheless, a “patriot”?! Uh uh, I don’t think so!

The question, not just for the revered Mr. O’Reilly, but for the many other Americans who should know better but nevertheless put this aspiring tyrant, Barack Obama, in the office of president twice, when it has finally happened,  will, they then realize that the “fundamental transformation” of this once great nation is complete and not wonder whatever happened to freedom?                 DLH

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One Response to This O’Reilly Shtick Was Always Lame

  1. Gus says:

    Although accurately descriptive of the O’Reilly mystique…his syrupy, righteous “I wanna be fair” shtick , O’Reilly idolizers use precisely these kinds of criticisms from the right, however valid, as proof that he must be doing a lot of things properly because he gets just as much or more criticism (however invalid) from the left.

    I’d only add to this commentary: Apologies(?) to Bill’s “word of the day”: “When writing to the Factor about Obama, don’t be “veracitous” (truthful). It’s not respectful.

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