Encouraging Judicial Ruling on Voter ID


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A PJMedia article posted February 23rd, by J. Christian Adam sets forth some great points in defense of Voter ID laws.  It contains a sustainable rational for Iowa to pursue a picture ID requirement for voting, and continuing Secretary of State Schultz’s voter integrity program.  The entire informative article can be accessed here.  Excerpts follow:

A federal court in Tennessee has dealt a serious setback to those attacking photo voter identification laws around the country – including Eric Holder’s Justice Department in North Carolina. United States District Court Judge Ronnie Greer has thrown out a lawsuit brought by the Green Party challenging the Volunteer State’s photo voter ID law. . .

But Greer, like the United States Supreme Court before him, ruled that states are entirely free to enact election-protection statutes even without proof of voter fraud. In other words, states have the power to get ahead of the criminals and vote-fraudsters . . .

Not to be deterred, however, Holder’s leftist lawyers have cooked up a fall-back plan. In North Carolina they are arguing what they already argued and lost in Texas and South Carolina – that the lack of “widespread” voter fraud means that the voter ID law must be a racially motivated . . .

No plaintiff has ever successfully challenged a voter ID law in federal court. All of the cases have been characterized by the same comic flaw: the person who can’t obtain a photo ID cannot be found.

A commenter on the PJMedia article posted a trenchant question.

I continue to remain baffled as to just what the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee thought the nation was going to get with Eric Holder as AG. His predilection for hardcore leftism was obvious for anyone who paid attention, and now they feign surprise

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