Veritas Salad — We Are Doomed

From Hot Air, via WM,  and no it isn’t a joke:

McCain: I want to name America’s new immigration reform law after Ted Kennedy

From Michelle Malkin, and no it doesn’t really scratch the surface:

 A whole lotta Democrat corruption going on

Campus of prestigious American University, Washington D.C.

 Pop Quiz: can you name one U.S. Senator?

(But they all nailed the name of the hit song from the movie Frozen)

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2 Responses to Veritas Salad — We Are Doomed

  1. Gus says:

    Isn’t a joke? McCain IS the joke!

  2. Roy Munson says:

    Just when you think John McShame couldn’t possibly get any worse…he makes it happen. What kind of person would want to name a bill helping illegals gain citizenship after a guy who got super drunk, drove into a lake, and left his female passenger in the car as it sank to the bottom while he fled the scene!?!? DUDE?

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