Republican Candidate Recruitment in Scott County Races Lacking

Democrats  —  two unforced errors —  Republicans five

Scanning the Auditor’s Office listing of candidates qualifying for placement on the June 3rd primary ballot we see Scott County Republicans are lacking candidates in five races.  Democrats have candidates in all but two. You can’t win with nothing.

Some of these races may yet be filled for the general election ballot but given the nominal amount of effort to get on the ballot now, only fifty or a hundred petition names depending on the race, the comparative dearth is not inspiring. This is potentially a Republican year and Democrat candidates know it and fear it in their survive at any cost, trough feeding, porcine hearts and brains.

This indicates a lack of inspiration and enthusiasm emanating from Republican leadership at the local level. Any credible named candidate would help tie down the Democrat on the ballot in that race. Recruitment for the primary would help disorient Democrats plans through much of the summer.  Ballot positions filled after the primary are not as credible.

State Senate:

Missing so far is a Republican candidate for State Senate District 45 to oppose incumbent Democrat Joe Seng (who does have a primary challenger announced some weeks ago, Mark Riley a former Republican ). It is crucial for Republicans to gain a majority in the State Senate where Republican initiatives are now bottled up by the narrow Democrat majority.   Giving a free ride to the Democrat (likely Seng) is a gift to Democrats.

 State House

District 89 incumbent Democrat James Lykam is so far looking at a free ride. Of course it doesn’t help that Lykam has been financially supported by a Scott County Republican personage, no doubt part of the Big Tent approach to victory for  . . .?  Two years ago Lykam was bravely opposed by Alderman Bill Edmond in a presidential year.  In 2010, a non-presidential year, he was given a free ride. The current county Chairwoman, Chairperson, Chair was in charge then as well.

District 90 incumbent Cindy Winckler’s district is certainly tough for Republicans, but credible candidates have had the initiative to run before. In the non-presidential year of 2010 Ray Ambrose did exceedingly well (with little help from the local party) garnering over 45%. The district remains tough after redistricting but the political climate is arguably even better for Republicans thanks to Obama. Unfortunately there has been little if any local Republican Party messaging to capitalize on the dissatisfaction. Handing out a few brochures at a NAACP meeting is not exactly aggressive outreach in the district.


Right now it looks like free rides for Recorder Vargas and County Attorney Walton. Why? Again, this is a non-presidential year when Democrats especially in county wide office will not have any other top of the ticket pull. The likely Democrat governor candidate is as weak as they come, the Democrat Senate candidate Braley has brilliantly positioned himself to be running against Chuck Grassley and Democrat Congressman Dave Loebsack couldn’t buy  shirttails at a gang-banger convention. Democrats in Iowa are faced with a very weak official “top ticket” and the drag  of association with Obama.

Democrats have two races where they lack a candidate. House District 94 where Linda Miller is the incumbent and the County Treasurer position held by Bill Fennelly. Given what is at stake, the opportunities to win and importance to serve by running, Republicans should have no missing ballot positions.

Curiously the proposed bylaw changes by those responsible for helping recruit candidates locally includes an apparent muting of responsibility to do so in the future.  Call it a diminution of minimum performance .

The existing bylaws specify the establishment of a Standing Committee named the Candidates and Campaign Assistance Committee “which shall recruit candidates and assist them in their campaign.”   The proposed bylaws make any certain standing committees optional and merely invoke the term Campaign Committee removing the specification as to recruiting.  But these same powers that be felt it necessary to include minimum performance for others on the Central Committee to include “active support of its leadership. ” Seriously. Central Committee members are now advised to Tebow in their direction at the next meeting.          R Mall

PS — It was just announced that the preeminent member of  Scott County Republican leadership, Judy Davidson is also running for the State Central Committee.  The Scott County bylaw change to be voted on Tuesday requires “active support of its leadership.”  Word is that in anticipation of passage, Scott County “leadership,” for the convenience of those CC members who are delegates , is preparing pre-printed ballots with Judy Davidson’s name on them so that the new obligation might be easily fulfilled! Praise be for this forward looking initiative! 

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    Does this mean everyone must have a Judy hairdo?

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