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In attempting to characterize the current part-time occupant of the White House, given the choices offered in the last DLH post, I am inclined to go with “d), all of the above and worse.”   Consider my evaluation of the choices:

√    a) abject fool. That is possibly what many of the Taliban leadership must have been thinking on the morning after their huge win over America in getting their top terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay. While there is a great deal of glee and happiness in terrorist circles, some of the leadership must be kicking themselves. Like a guy who puts his house on the market for what he thinks is an exorbitant price…and it sells for that price the same day; (“I shoulda asked more”): “We let that American fool off too easy. We probably could’ve entirely emptied Guantanomo and gotten a nuclear weapon and some drones to boot for our buddy Bergdahl”.

   b) anti-American Marxist. This is pretty well established. Obama obviously didn’t like America as it was founded and has prospered since, declaring it needed “fundamental transformation”; he certainly doesn’t like capitalism, free markets, etc…redistribution of wealth is how he rolls, especially if he can redistribute it from taxpayers to his cronies and political base.His daddy and every major influence on Obama’s life has been provided by Marxists…Frank Marshall Davis, the professors and fellow students he has admitted enjoying associating with throughout his youth and beyond, and, of course, the most Reverend Wright, who, on one hand he says was his principal spiritual influence and on the other hand claims he never paid any attention to the reverend’s fiery, anti-American sermons over 20 years of attendance at his services.

√   c) Islamist/Taliban sympathizer. Not necessary to go the “birther route” with this guy. He aggressively supports the Muslim Brotherhood, his administration is rife with Islamic apologists (CIA Director Brennan is famous for his curious analyses of Taliban motivations, and National Security Advisor James Clapper, also famously, declared that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “basically secular” organization; former Sec of State Clinton’s (you remember her) closest confidante and advisor was Uma Abedin Weiner, whose entire family is closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and, of course, the highly questionable CAIR which has provided immense input to administration (Bush’s as well as Obama’s) policy on “American-Islamic Relations”. Obama has dedicated his administration to virtually handing over Iraq and Afghanistan to Islamists, Al Qaeda, Taliban and, one way or another, to eventually freeing all of the terrorists in Gitmo, as he has demonstrated with this deal for Bergdahl.

√  d) “…and worse”. By the end of his second term, Obama is on course to have essentially stripped the Constitution of any real influence on the governance of this nation. His disdain for the First Amendment is legendary. Actually attacking members of the Supreme Court in a State of the Union speech should be confirmation of his intent and his contempt for America’s traditional values and institutions. Just one more appointment to the Court like Elena Kagan or the “Wise Latina”, or Ruthie G’berg and he’s there. Obama may or may not seek to be Our President for Life but he has put in place the necessary elements, with the help of his divisive policies, a willing and far left media and an insidious indoctrinary education system that a successor will certainly be able to govern as a totalitarian dictator.

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  1. Designated2 says:

    Given all that has come out about Bergdahls opinions about the U.S. prior to what has been referred to as his desertion, we now understand why Obama has been so invested in getting him out. If Obama had a son — he would want him to be like Bergdahl.

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