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Third District Special Convention & Revolving Doors

Because no candidate received the required 35% threshold in the primary race for the Republican nomination for Iowa’s Third U.S. Congregational Distinct, the Republican candidate is to be decided by special convention of delegates from that district tomorrow. There are … Continue reading


IRS Matter No Longer Mere Scandal – Nation’s Integrity as a Republic at Stake

This from Ed Morrissey writing at Hot Air. The IRS announced last night — after a subpoena from House Oversight chair Darrell Issa — that Lois Lerner’s hard drive had been either “thrown away” or recycled, which means at least … Continue reading

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Scandal Update

Newt Gingrich holds forth: IRS Scandal Just Got Much Worse Moe Lane writing at RedState: IRS continues to flail about in Lerner case; consequences to ensue. Great article  by Jeff Emanuel also at RedState exposing the implications and bringing us … Continue reading

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Mitch and the “Boner” are on BO’s advisory board…when he wants their advice, he’ll ask’em for it….

. . . however, they don’t need to keep their cell phones charged. We believe this says it all…about Obama’s one “man” rule and the impotent Republican “leadership.”  Note the two highlighted passages. That whole “advice and consent” thing is … Continue reading

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Local Komen Race Participation Declining

Last week, we experienced once again the local mainstream media PR avalanche in support of participation in the Komen Foundation “Race for the Cure.”  We wondered if efforts by pro-life activists to inform the public about the abortion  breast cancer … Continue reading

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Veritas Salad

Obama pushes climate change agenda in commencement speech Let’s see if I have this right. Iraq is falling to AlQaeda, the IRS can’t use email with any proficiency except to thwart any investigation of its wrongdoing, and our dear Leader … Continue reading

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Emphasizing Absentee Voting Not In Republican Best Interests

Most political operatives understand that “vote by mail”  is more susceptible to fraud and other assaults on the integrity of the vote.  The perps of such activity are predominately, overwhelmingly Democrats.  It is a playground that they use famously.  Suppose … Continue reading


State Platform Gutted – Delegates Should Reinstate 2012 Platform Instead

The Republican State Convention is this Saturday.  Not until Wednesday night at approximately 9:22 PM did Scott County delegates and alternates with e-mail addresses receive the text of the proposed 2014 rules and platform.  It was in a corrupted format … Continue reading

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Wanted: The Ideal Barack Obama Cabinet Member

Recognizing there are only so many pure America-hating arrogant fops like John Kerry* who can be found to populate the Obama administration, we  think it appropriate to pose the question, along with our answer: Who would you suggest as the … Continue reading

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The Money Lesson And More From Eric Cantor’s Loss

Money can’t buy you conservative acceptance Number two House Republican, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a six term incumbent,  was soundly defeated by Dave Brat, an underfunded conservative challenger, in their Virginia congressional district primary battle. Cantor was widely talked about … Continue reading

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