Thanks for Saving Us From Those Nut Cases

The following information was forwarded by RD. It is unverified but the sources included a number of Hebrew scripts in the distribution chain.  Perhaps readers adept with Facebook can get additional verification.  (Ed note: see comment received 7-31)

This was on some channel (sic) that I saw on Facebook . It shows IDF Golani Brigades after a nightlong battle  . . .  All the Arab Elders from all the villages around, came and bowed down before a startled and slightly speechless IDF. They later pulled them to their feet and shook their hands and shared tea together in one of their homes. It’s as if they felt rescued by IDF from Hamas gaza . The faces on these IDF soldiers after a deadly nightlong fight are speechless at this sight before them. This is by no means an isolated incident. There are dozens of reports like this but zero on main media!! Zero!!


הודעתדוארזונקייהמוירוסיםוזדונותמפניש אנטיוירוס של

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2 Responses to Thanks for Saving Us From Those Nut Cases

  1. Anon says:

    There are suggestions that this is an old photo and they are simply praying toward Mecca.
    If it’s true, very nice.
    If it’s fake, we don’t need to use the same despicable tactics that have been used against us.

    • Designated2 says:

      Thanks for the comment. I will leave it up for awhile pending more authentication. Right now it should be thought of as apocryphal. The accompanying verbiage suggested morning, so with the sun rising in the east, the shadows forward to the soldiers, their backs to the sun, it could be a prayer situation as you suggest. However I do not think the Israelis are customarily tactless on Muslim religious observances and would not appear so oblivious by standing “in the way” or looking, some anyway, a bit astonished.

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