Mayor Stupidity

Now comes reports that Da Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel  wants to open the city up to more immigrant children crossing the border illegally, with plans to open up shelters in the city to 1,000 minors by the end of the year.

Why on earth would they send any of the KIDS to Chi-town  , where crime can be much worse than their own countries.   Bet the MS 13 boys will get along just dandy with one of the following Chi-town gangs.

Gangster Disciples,    Latin Kings,   Black P Stones,  Vice Lords,  Two-Six Maniac,                Latin Disciples,  Spanish Cobras,   Four Corner Hustlers,    New Breeds.

Maybe Hyde Park would be a great place for them to live.     VM

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3 Responses to Mayor Stupidity

  1. Gus says:

    As part of a Jimmy Fallon monologue, this one writes itself. Maybe Rahm and his pal, Barack, can negotiate a deal with Honduras to trade Chicago refugees from gang violence for Honduran refugees from gang violence.
    Maybe the MS 13 lads will be willing to do the criminal deeds that Americans like the “Bloods” won’t do.

  2. Roy Munson says:

    This “bring the illegals to my town” mentality is very unpopular across the political spectrum. A couple Democrat Govs like Martin O’Malley (who is probably gonna be the Democrat nominee in 2016) came out saying bring the “illegals to my state”, only to get pummeled and be forced to backtrack and say no. Remember the African American lady that made news a couple weeks ago in Houston?

    “It’s not right. Now billions of dollars want to be borrowed from the White House to help feed and house them. What about the kids here? In our neighborhood? In our country? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country. All these kids? Really? Why can’t they go back? I’m sorry that their parents are in poor living conditions or surroundings or whatever’s going on out there. I don’t care. I care about what’s going on right here in my own back yard, my neighborhood.”

    I would love to see Rahmbo send a bunch of illegals to the South side (because that’s where they will go) and watch the shit storm erupt from people in the community like that lady in Houston. Heck most African Americans in Chicago think Rahmbo is purposley trying to close there schools down, cut teacher pay and everything else. Wait until they bus a couple thousand illegals in the community!

  3. Carlos Danger says:

    Speaking of stupidity, did anybody else see George Will go full retard on Fox this morning? Watch the Left run with his “only 20 per children per county” argument.

    George Will: We ought to say to these children, ‘Welcome to America, you’re going to go to school, and get a job, and become Americans. We have 3,141 counties in this country. That would be 20 per county. The idea that we can’t assimilate these 8-year-old criminals with their teddy bears is preposterous.

    Chris Wallace: You got to know, I mean I can just sort of feel them clicking off, that we’re going to get tons of email saying, ‘This guy doesn’t understand the border. Why should we be dealing with Central America’s problem? We can’t import the problem, they’ve got to deal with it there, and our border has to mean something.

    George Will: We can handle this problem is what I’m saying. We’ve handled what Emma Lazarus called the ‘wretched refuse of your teeming shore’ a long time ago, and a lot more people than this.

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