Obama’s Honduras Absurdity

“Absurd”…that’s the best one word description for Obama’s latest scam. That, of course, is the quality that will make it appealing to editorial writers at unofficial Democratic Party pamphlets like the Quad City Times and the deep thinkers who vote for Democrats, especially Obama, not once but twice.

The scam was revealed on Friday and it is billed as another Obama “solution’ to “stem a surge in unaccompanied Central American minors (and assorted MS 13 gang members, drug dealers, etc) entering the US from Mexico”.

Briefly, here’s the latest OBI (Obama Big Idea): Initially, as a “pilot program”, Hondurans seeking “refugee” status in the US because of rampant “gang violence” in that country could apply for entry in their home country and then, if granted, be flown to the US, saving them the long arduous, dangerous trek through Mexico.

Heck, how humanitarian can it get? An additional plus, yet to be promoted by Obama to sell this plan, is that “coyotes” who lead groups of Central American “minors” to illegally enter the US would presumably lose some business…but they aren’t paying Obama any taxes anyway.

Now, let’s think about this for a moment. Here’s a sovereign nation, Honduras, agreeing to help its own citizens flee to another country because of “persecution” and violence and lawlessness that is so out of control it can’t protect its own population. And here’s the very generous US president offering to give those Hondurans significant “humanitarian” assistance… healthcare, education, food, shelter, clothing…and eventual US citizenship…plus free transportation to their new home. And all of this will be paid for out of our generous president’s own pocket? Uh, no, rather the US taxpayer of course.

Seriously, is this what responsible governments, even the most compassionate ones do?

Why isn’t Honduras pressed to take care of its own citizens? Why wouldn’t the US government, out of concern for the oppressed and persecuted and terrorized citizens of Honduras, offer to provide assistance to the Honduran government to suppress the violence and protect its populace? Seems very signicant assistance could be provided for a fraction of the cost of what Obama proposes.

Finally, why would a sovereign nation’s government go along with this? Could it be that Honduras sees this as an opportunity to get in on some of the “remittances” action which Mexico has so long enjoyed and has built into its second largest income producer ? (Remittances being the money earned by illegal aliens working in this country and sending back to their home country to support family members living there.)
Jus’ my opinion.     DLH

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  1. Designated2 says:

    Having our embassy be our screening operation after a screening by Central American authorities makes some sense as long as it is not a rubber stamp situation and our existing immigration laws are adhered to. Some will argue that the Central Americans will say they have the situation under control and no one will get out. But if that is denied and replaced with the accusation that there is no rule of law in any of those countries then that only serves as a justification for all of the inhabitants to be authorized entry into the U.S. That is of course impossible. The first duty of the people in those countries is to correct the situation, including overthrowing the government in those countries if they are corrupt.

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