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Karl Rove will get right on this

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Staff Threatens Taxpayer For Asking About Her Impeachment Claims

I’ll ask once again (in response to Karl Rove’s criticism of conservative
candidates): “why can’t we get ‘quality’ candidates like the Dems do”?

IRS bent on transforming churches . . . insure approved speech

IRS Strikes Deal With Atheists To Monitor Churches

I’ve seen first hand essentially the same tactics employed against churches and
religious beliefs…in Communist China. Day by day, America is becoming a police
state. Is that what ” transformation” means ?

Where is Waldo Chuck?

Army to Force Out 550 Majors; Some in Afghanistan

Anybody noticed that Chuck Hagel is never quoted or even acknowledged in any of
these announcements? Who? Oh yeah, Chuck Hagel…isn’t he the guy that made such
a fool of himself in the Senate confirmation hearings for Sec. Of Defense, but,
of course, was confirmed anyway?  His was the ideal Obama appointment . . . a fool who
will do what he’s told and kept out of public view because of how he’ll appear.
What a sad specimen.

Just wondering . . .

It was what…a couple weeks ago our Dear Leader took a moment from his busy fundraising schedule to agree to address the immigration crisis?

However, he told us it’s going to take some money. He figured maybe $3.7 billion might do it. And, of course since all current spending is deficit, this money would need to be either borrowed or printed. But, what the heck! What’s another $3 or 4 billion more when the nation’s debt is already $17 trillion?

Pardon my skepticism, if you will. Wasn’t it about three weeks ago our Dear Leader and his Attorney General, the incorruptible, Eric-the-Red, Holder proudly announced that they had extorted (my word, not theirs) another $7 billion from Citigroup?

Four billion of that was a civil penalty. Where’d that go? Why can’t the Dear Leader use  that loot to “address the immigration crisis”? He does everything else with the stroke of a pen.

More importantly, why isn’t SOMEONE in the media or conservative pundocracy asking? Since whatever Obama “spends” on the immigration crisis will likely go to La Raza, the lawyers lobby,and the unions anyway, he and his liberal media friends should not be too discomfited. Or is it that the Citigroup cash has already gone to those “folks”?


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