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From Douglas Herz at The American Thinker

“While Republicans and conservatives have been busily painting Obama as weak and indecisive internationally, Obama has in turn sized them up as even weaker. As it turns out Obama’s seeming impotence was only a head feint. He actually couldn’t care less about events in Eastern Europe, Asia, or the Middle East. Most of the so-called Obama administration scandals such as Solyndra, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, VA, etc. were likewise also uninteresting to him. The Obama prize was always the southern border with its endless supply of faithful, dependent voters.”

I believe this guy has nailed it. Even Obama must be shocked by how relatively easy it was. Church leaders, corrupt labor union leaders, affluent liberals, greedy politicians,  rent-seeking and/or easily intimidated corporations, the lazy, the uninformed, the disinterested, the eagerly “disenfranchised” segments of American society…all were such easy marks for a “clean, articulate” vitamin/weight loss/hair restorer supplement salesman/scam artist (operators standing by).

The most pampered citizenry in history stands by and watches as its defense/ security system is dismantled, the men and women whose sacrifices protected these people and secured for them the greatest standard of living the world has ever seen, disrespected and dishonored, the nation’s sovereignty simply abdicated.

They watch with witless indifference as their country’s leaders behave like undisciplined school children, their nation is dismissed as irrelevant by its enemies and seen as timid, unreliable, often buffoonish by it allies and friends.

While a large and growing segment of our society, on a dole financed by rapidly growing debt, is content to idly watch poor wretches from third world countries do their work for them at less pay than the generous welfare benefits they receive, their government leaders and bureaucrats treat themselves to the most lavish lifestyles, also financed by taxes paid by hardworking middle class Americans and that growing debt which will one day engulf what is left of the once greatest nation on earth.

So…Happy Birthday, Barack! Party on while your “folks” march our nation to the precipice. Fore!     DLH

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