Hatch Complains About Reid’s Fouls

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 5.47.25 PMWhile this piece by Senator Orin Hatch in the Washington Times is informative and lays out in fairly clear terms the incredible damage that Harry Reid has done, not just to the US Senate but to America by his tinpot dictatorial rule in that body, it is, in a way, pathetic.

Read the article:  Destroying the Senate — and our liberties
Procedural changes impede the chamber’s traditional deliberative function

Orrin Hatch, in his strongest protest to the unbelievable damage the Senate Majority Leader and the Democratic majority in the Senate has done, is just about a decade late.
Hatch has been extraordinarily ineffective for a long time in defending conservative principles and Constitutional provisions.

Now he bemoans, way too late, how badly damaged our legislative process has become.
Does Orrin believe that, now that he has spoken, Americans will perk up and demand that Harry Reid ‘do the right thing”?

Here’s a fundamental question I’d like to see every GOP Senator or wouldbe Senator answer: If, in my view, the unlikely event that the Republicans win control of the Senate in November, will they restore the traditional procedural protocols which Senator Hatch notes that Harry Reid has eliminated?

As Hatch acknowledges, those changes Reid has made have virtually destroyed the Senate as that body was originally conceived and it has tilted power  in favor of the majority party to a degree never before seen and one which is destroying our liberties.

So, what happens, Senator Hatch? If your party gains control, do you propose that the procedures and prerogatives Mr. Reid eliminated and thus gave Democrats and President Obama enormous advantages in the Courts and in the legislative process and allowed the unprecedented Executive action and radical appointments, to be restored?

In doing so, wouldn’t that allow a future Democrat minority to filibuster appointments by a future Republican president. Wouldn’t that also allow a Democratic minority to be allowed to offer highly controversial amendments and thus force GOP senators to vote on them for purely political motives as Reid has so successfully blocked for the Democrats? Wouldn’t that insure that the effects of Reid’s corruption of the system you have described be allowed to stand…at least until there is again a Democratic majority and the whole process reversed, to resume again to benefit its agenda as they have shown they have no reservation in doing so?

You can restore the procedures but how will you repair all the damage which has been done, not just to the Senate as an institution, but to the entire US system of governance?
What’s your answer GOP?   DLH

Ed Note: – see answer in comment section

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3 Responses to Hatch Complains About Reid’s Fouls

  1. Designated2 says:

    Indeed what is he going to do about it? If recent history is a guide, complain about the guys who are fighting back.

    Orrin Hatch blasts Mike Lee’s strategy as filibuster begins — Deseret News http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865587019/Orrin-Hatch-blasts-Mike-Lees-strategy-as-filibuster-begins.html?pg=all

    Sen Orrin Hatch Blames Fellow Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for VA gubernatorial loss — Glen Beck. com http://www.glennbeck.com/2013/11/07/sen-orrin-hatch-blames-fellow-senators-ted-cruz-and-mike-lee-for-va-gubernatorial-loss/

  2. Don Holmes says:

    Maybe, indeed, America has “jumped the shark”.It is almost impossible to imagine how the nation’s values and principles on which it was founded and has prospered and been the beacon of freedom for the world can ever be restored. I sincerely hope not, but I fear that like any good thing, the Great American Experiment has run its course. I guess we’ll get an indication in November.

  3. Carlos Danger says:

    The Ebola can’t get here soon enough.

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