Science Be Damned The Left Will Not Give Up On Global Warming

“The last 15 summers have been the hottest on record. Carbon dioxide pumped into the air has increased 43%. Storms, droughts, wildfires have all become increasingly intense. New York was under 14 feet of water during the 2012 hurricane.”

There you have it. Repent! We are all doomed due to “climate change.”
Fox News this morning featured a mini-debate about the extent to which human activity is causing catastrophic climate change. The above were among the remarks made by the guy representing the side insisting that drastic action to curb the use of fossil fuels must be taken immediately if the planet is to be saved.

The “skeptic” did counter with useful observations but clearly the low information liberal will not be fazed.

He pointed  out that “43%” increase in carbon was an increase from 250 PARTS PER MILLION to 400 PARTS PER MILLION. (He didn’t mention it but that means that one hundredth of one percent more carbon has thus been added to the atmosphere…a slightly less impressive figure than “a 43% increase.)

He also noted that in 17 years there has been NO SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN AVERAGE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES! He further noted that all of the dire predictions of global catastrophe are based solely on computer modeling AND that every prediction made in the years since the issue of alleged global warming has been raised HAS BEEN WRONG. For example, he noted there have been no hurricanes hitting the US east coast in 3 years.
He could have added many more factual observations which would have humiliated the climate change alarmist but time did not permit.

Alan Caruba writing at Facts not Fantasy blogspot produced a series of posts this week on the global warming hoax. All worth reading:

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  1. Bob Kauth says:

    I am old enough b. 1938… To remember my mother tell me that it was really hot in the summer of 1936. And that My older brother. B..1935.. Was miserable in his diaper. And there were dust storms… And no air conditioning available for the average person.
    Funny how the climate alarmists started their record keeping in 1938, or 1939.
    Did they want to present the truth about temperature patterns?.? Or did they want to generate concern that would lead to “research grants”. To study the coming disaster?
    OK ! I must be a climate skeptic. Oh… And I have a degree in PHYSICS!!

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