If Republicans Have to Depend On Haranguing To Vote Early . . .

. . . then they have no message, and no confidence. They must think the bum’s rush is necessary to get people to vote their way.  It is unbecoming to the debates and our candidates.  It is the stink of Democrats. Its general promotion is against Republican interests. It makes fraud and unscrupulous activities easier for Democrats. It is not competing with Democrats it is spinning wheels. It is avoiding the need to message hard and early to inoculate “persuadables” as best we can.

The admonition that  “so and so ‘won on election night’ but lost it in absentees” is an incredible statement surely meant for dolts.  Would  ‘so and so’  have won if only vote by mail were allowed?  If so, then why not push for only vote by mail if it is so convenient and inline with Republican interests in Iowa?.  We could be like Oregon! Legislating it could be a bipartisan effort!

Why do people not vote . . .  because there is no opportunity . .  because they forgot . . .  because they did not realize there was an election?!   How absurd could the vote by mail proponents be.

Get serious. They do not vote because they have not heard anything compelling, because they do not want to, or feel it useless, or are unmotivated (the true origin of lazy voter) or they feel the candidates are all alike or both parties are alike.  But what does the Republican party do about that, part and parcel with their vote early campaign?  Well, for the preeminent race, the U.S. Senate, the Republican candidate tells them she is a mom.  Undermine Democrats, return fire, educate . . . not in that race.  No wonder money is short, where is the inspiration, the pounding in of fear of what happens when Democrats win, the effective communication of our policies and ideals?     R Mall

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