Crusaders for Justice

Criminals using any excuse, any cover . . .

Christopher Agee, writing at Western Journalism posted some captioned images of Twitter feeds from various sources in this article.

Wow: These 17 Jaw-Dropping Ferguson Images Show Just How Chaotic The Situation Has Become

Below are four images from the compelling postings.  Link above to see others.

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Breaking: Dozens of welfare checks burned while protesters torch American flags in Ferguson.

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One of the real victims of the whole ordeal.

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If had a bunch of kids, they would look like this–

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So this is what Obama meant when he said he would create “shovel ready” jobs

Also via Western Journalism — Michelle Malkin has a typically pithy article about Obama’s Ferguson speech earlier in the week. It was a speech more intent on grievance mongering for “thugs of color” than law and order.

What Obama Left Out Of His Ferguson ‘Sermon’

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