What we are not so thankful for

Everybody is doing the Thanksgiving thing today. Thankful for this , thankful for that. We will worry about that tomorrow.  At this hour we are not in the mood.  So just a few things off the top of our head that we are not thankful for . . .

A Pope prone to emote rather than coherence and consistency.  Pope Francis warns of crushing bureaucracy as he calls for greater state controls of economic activity and confiscatory redistribution. His selectivity regarding the Bible in that regard is unbecoming to say the least.

A governor in Missouri who called up the National Guard to help quell rioting and didn’t use them to stop the destruction in Ferguson.  There is also the suggestion that he was under pressure from Obama not to use them.

Ninety-eight percent of what comes out of Hollywood, New York and Washington. For that matter we don’t think much of the entire West Coast or New England.  Europe troubles us immensely.   That our Northern and Southern neighbors are dumb and dumber.

Pumpkin Ale

We could go on.  Feel free to join in.

R Mall

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  1. Bob Kauth says:

    I am not thankful for a government welfare state that gives so many benefits that is much better to be on welfare and get “free” benefits worth much more than a job at Walmart…… And get child support while living with a male who provides benefits as well as his unemployment check, food stamps, etc.

    This is a cancer eating into society. More non minority people are now jumping on this train to destitution. These programs have cost about 17 Trillion $……. = National debt.
    Stop them NOW, and return workers to the workforce. If necessary, provide good employment by building up our defense resources…. And :
    Establish a princle : No work = No Pay .

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